About Cisco Webex Teams

Cisco Webex Teams and Cisco Webex Teams Hybrid

Communication is about more than just having a telephone call or sending an e-mail to employees or partners. It is about cooperating, holding meetings and communicating in ways that strengthen relationships and increase productivity.

Today’s communication must be flexible, mobile and results-focused. Cisco Webex Teams enables online collaboration and live meetings through an integrated set of leading communication tools. It offers an unparalleled user experience that only the Cisco cloud can offer.

Cisco Webex Teams Hybrid

Cisco Webex Teams Hybrid is a new service that combines your existing Cisco collaboration tools, installed at your own location, with Webex Teams in a public cloud, private cloud or at your own location. Integration is also possible for Webex Teams and Microsoft Exchange, Outlook and Active Directory, providing a more user-friendly experience.

Collaboration between Cisco and Apple

Through intensive collaboration between Cisco and Apple, iPhone and iPad can now make contact with Cisco end points by means of a fast “handshake”, so that users benefit from an optimal connection. This, in turn, enables other advanced network facilities, such as fast roaming and Quality of Service (QoS). An incoming Webex Teams call will now appear as a ‘normal’ telephone or video call on any iPhone, turning the iPhone into a fully-fledged company telephone.

Cisco Webex Teams Message

Cisco Spark, messaging, phone

Communication starts with a message. Cisco Webex Teams creates the message simply and securely. Create a room for your team to be able to send and receive messages, share files and remain in contact with your team, wherever you may be. In this way you avoid any unnecessary loss of time through having to be updated on events and more work gets done.

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Allow teams to easily collaborate online and hold meetings with customers, with the additional benefit of being able to send messages and share content before, during and after the meeting. With Cisco Webex Teams, it is easy to plan and participate in meetings wherever you are, whether it is at your head office, a branch office, at home or even on the road.

Cisco Webex Teams Room System
The Webex Teams Room System provides every meeting room with the possibility of holding a video meeting. All you need is a screen, a Cisco Telepresence device and an internet connection. With Webex Teams Room System, no IT support is needed – you simply enter the room via the Cisco Webex Teams application and are ready to join the meeting. Reduce costs, travel less and meet customers in a new way.

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Make optimal use of the Cisco Webex Teams opportunities and integrate telephone calls with messaging and meetings. If you have Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Business Edition 6000 or 7000, or the Cisco Hosted Collaboration solution for Call Control, then you can benefit from the full range of telephone call possibilities offered by Cisco Webex Teams. This functionality is offered in the UK and Ireland as a hybrid solution. Connecting Cisco Call Control and the Cisco Webex Teams Cloud ensures an integrated user experience.

Cisco Webex Teams Video

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Now more than ever, teams have the need to see each other face to face in order to make decisions. With the Cisco Webex Teams solution, you can get together via high-definition video while at the same time sharing each other’s screens and content. It is just like being in the same room! Cisco Webex Teams is suitable for the SX, MX, DX series and new Webex Teams Room Systems.

Cisco Webex Teams Integration

Integrate the Cisco Webex Teams app with other services used by your team to combine all their activities. Teams work faster and deliver better results if everybody can optimally collaborate on all devices. Bundle the work together by integrating with other services such as ZenDesk, Trello, GitHub and many more.

Cisco Webex Teams Board: new all-in-one meeting room

Cisco’s focus on the meeting experience culminates in the Cisco Webex Teams Board. It enables meeting participants to chat, call, share screens and hold a video conference during any meeting. This is all possible on a spectacular whiteboard, independent of where you are and which device you have available.
cisco spark board

The Cisco Webex Teams Board offers the following:

    • Wireless presentation equipment:
      • Everybody can join and participate in a previously set up virtual work environment via a simple click, from anywhere in the world.
    • Interactive digital whiteboard on which everybody can work:
      • If someone is working remotely, they can add or make changes to the content on the whiteboard in real time.
      • All the work is saved automatically.
      • Video conferencing can take place while working on the whiteboard
      • The information on the whiteboard is secure due to leading encryption techniques provided by Cisco Webex Teams.
    • Hold meetings in cinema quality
      • With 4K camera and VoiceTrack technology, the Cisco Webex Teams Board offers amazing picture and sound quality.

Transform your meeting rooms

Cisco Webex Teams Boards transform meeting rooms, improve meeting experiences and reduce costs. Replace cables, white-boards, beamers and other legacy devices with Webex Teams Board as an “all-in-one” device supporting white-boarding, wireless content sharing and 4K video conferencing. Control the meeting and the Webex Teams Board via the Webex Teams app and enjoy the beautiful “Red Dot”-awarded design of Cisco Webex Teams Board!

Legacy Meeting Room                                                              Webex Teams Board Meeting Room


Cisco Webex Teams Board Demo

We invite you to our Dimension Data offices for a Webex Teams Board demo. In addition to demonstrating the Webex Teams Board and its functions, we will share Dimension Data best practices on how meetings and user experience are transformed and improved, how a typical room set-up may look like and how the meeting technology is best implemented and integrated in order to ensure high adoption and return on investment.

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