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The current technological developments offer many opportunities and challenges for business owners, IT departments and managers. Cisco Webex Teams enables online collaboration and the possibility to hold meetings through an integrated set of leading communication tools. Bid farewell to separate communication silos such as individual video, telephony and online meeting environments and integrate all these functions into one with Cisco Webex Teams.

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Cisco Webex Teams

Message, Meet, Call and Integrate

Due to the increased use of mobile devices and innovations in the ICT infrastructure, today’s communication must be flexible, mobile and results-targeted.

Cisco Webex Teams meets the demands of these technological developments and enables collaboration and live meetings through an integrated set of leading communication tools for an unparalleled user experience.

  • Message

Set up team rooms for your projects and teams. Join in the discussion and communicate more easily, from every device, from anywhere.

  • Meet

Create a video meeting with one click during a telephone conversation and share your screen, desktop or mobile.

  • Call

Currently not at your desk? It doesn’t matter, because you can work anywhere on your mobile phone with Cisco Webex Teams.

  • Integrate

Integrate the Cisco Webex Teams app with other services used by your team to combine all their activities.

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